Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the 2009 IVMI 10km race report....

You can call this a "fake race report" but it is probably one that meant the most!

Race: First annual IVMI ( The Invitational Victor, Megan and Isabelle 10km race)
registration: free ( but your application must be accepted )
other fees: parking 2$
location: Vancouver Sea Wall, British Colombia
Distance: 10km 
duration: 1 hour and 22minutes
number of participants accepted: 3

This race idea started about 5 months ago when Vic, a customer and friend at Innovative Fitness in White Rock wanted to know if he could finish a 10km run. It was 25 years ago that he ran that distance and did not want to commit to an official race being scared of finishing last or not finishing at all. So... we made one up! This was going to happen on March 21st 2009, Vic's 68th birthday.

Before we knew it, the official day was here. We were excited but a little nervous. The race was starting at 8am so we met up to drive out there together and talk about race strategies. We decided that finishing with a few laughs along the way was going to be our main goal! 

The race is about to start, the sun is shining,we're putting on our "fake race bibs on" and we are ready to go.  5 minutes into the race, other runners on the sea wall started asking us "what is this race", who's the sponsor", "I wish I knew there was a race today", "where's the finish line". This made the kilometers fly by! Every map we saw, we would stop to see our progress and could see this was going to happen! At the age of 68, Vic was going to complete 10km! Near the end, he mentioned to Megan and myself, you girls go take 1st and second place, I will be more than happy to be 3rd!

1 hour and 22 minutes after the start we crossed the "finish line" Celebrated with High Fives and an official hand shake to congratulate the 3rd place finisher! 


3rd place: a tie and a free entry to the 2010 race
2nd and 1st: free starbucks coffee with a banana loaf.

We are so proud of Vic for not letting the fact that he was scared stop him. He made it happen for himself. It was a fantastic day that will be in my all time race highlights for sure. Thank you Vic for letting us be a part of your day.

Here is Vic's race report: 

Happily Environment Canada got it wrong.  There was no snow.  There was instead a clear blue sky and cold crisp air.
Cecilia Bartola's rendition of a number Mozart songs set the tone for car journey to Vancouver and the starting line in Stanley Park.  I have the sense that neither of my traveling companions (Meagan and Isabelle) were particularly familiar with that genre of music but both were much too polite to object.  The classical theme continued therefore unabated reaching an appropriate climax in Ode To Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony just as we turned off Georgia Street into Stanley Park.
We had no difficulty parking . Indeed there was only one other car to be seen.  This was bitter sweet in that it made parking very simple but on the other hand it was not indicative of the crowds I had been told to expect by my promoters and coaches.
Nonetheless we set off at 8am sharp.  Isabelle bolted for the first bend like an F1 driver on race day. Meagan was on her tail and I was a strong but somewhat distant third. Along the way many (going in the opposite direction) asked who the sponsor was.  Isabelle pointed to me without breaking stride.
I struggled at first and found myself perambulating past Prospect Point but I seemed to gain momentum as we proceeded to the extent that I was able to swish nimbly past Siwash Rock about the mid-point of the journey.  Conspicuous by their absence were the adoring fans handing out much needed water which does not speak well the skills of the organizing committee!  Nonetheless we pressed on and felt so strong near the end that we passed on the shortcut to our starting point and instead took the longer finish around Lost Lagoon. 
At exactly 9.22 am we reached the parking lot now jammed full, to the the immense disappointments I am sure of the many fans who has eventually turned out to see the this modern version of the Ministry of Silly Walks. 
We wound up the adventure by returning to Starbucks within earshot of Innovative for a much needed seat and a latte.
For a finely tuned athlete 10km in 82 minutes is not much to crow about but for me it was utterly exhilarating.  I am truly indebted to Isabelle and Meagan for their wonderful company and the encouragement and patience they provided before, during and after the fact.  Next Saturday it is Tsawwassen on the bike.  And in my sight is a half marathon before the end of 2009.
Thanks to all at Innovative.
Vic Arneil, 10km finisher

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