Thursday, March 05, 2009

Are you scared of finishing last?

Don't be, get a great lesson from it, have fun anyways and you are still finishing ahead of everyone that didn't come try it out that day! 

2004 Official Marathon Results (26 people registered)
24Paul Jones7:37.22
25Brian Sexton8:01.57
26Isabelle Thielen8:14.23

It is actually good to finish last once in a while, and it's ok. I have been talking with people who have finished last and they wouldn't change a thing! For me, it is one of the experience I remember the most. It was 6 years ago, a 42km trail race. I knew I was going pretty slow but had know idea nobody was behind me. I get to the last check points 2 km from the finish line. The race director is their to hand me some water and a banana and kindly says "you are the last runner, would you mind picking up the little flags on your way to the finish line!!" I thought he was kidding but nope. So I said no worries i'll do it. It was actually a lot of fun picking them up on my way,  I knew for sure I didn't make the podium but I gave it my best and had a great time. When I crossed the finish line, I wasn't sure if I really crossed it since they had taking down all the banners... I quickly said no way!! I made it to the finish line, I am getting a picture with that banner. So I picked it up from the ground and took a picture. That day, no one laughed because I was last, they actually applauded as they could see I was having a great time and i gave it my best. We have to remember that people who finish last are on the course the longest. That's hard! I went home that day and promised myself I would do better the next year. 2005... I shaved 2 hours of my time!
Next time you think of doing something, like Curtis's blog yesterday, don't let fear of something hold you back. You will miss out!

Take a look at this ironman video from the last place finisher, if we didn't know the title, you wouldn't know she was last.

Mary, Dragana how did it feel when you finished last, did you learn anything? Has anyone else ever finish last? How was it?

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