Monday, March 09, 2009

live learn and pass it on... UBC triathlon style!

When I first started to learn English, I bought a series of books called "live, learn and pass it on" Each page was a learning lesson from someone on the street ex: I learned that my mom will always find the broccoli I put under the couch.
Brian age 7.

We thought we would do the same to show you what people learned during the UBC tri this past Sunday. Enjoy!

I've learned that just as Simon Cowell tells people " you are not a good singer, and
never will be a good singer"...that "I am not a good swimmer, and never will be a good swimmer" However just as those people still enjoy singing, I darn well enjoyed
that swim yesterday!
Paul McMillan ( 1500 swim time 1:12:39..all-time UBC triathlon record)

I learned that the reward in achieving a goal is unbelievable but the journey with others is indescribable.
Matt Christopherson 1/2 ironman hopeful!

I learned that your mental state is the most important factor during a race or event. It was FREEZING on the bike, but I kept repeating..."I am warm, I am fine, I can do this." The next thing I knew, the bike was over and, other than seeing my friends at the finish line, was my favorite part of the race! I also "thought" myself through the run, which was the most difficult part of the race for me.I also learned that it is a waste of time and energy to worry about what I look like in a swimsuit while standing on deck waiting to start the swim. Nobody cares, no one's looking and we are all in the same boat.
Kim Hexter

I learned that when people come together to achieve a positive goal, even if that goal is very individual, the celebration that follows is collective...celebrated as a group....and that is energizing and fantastic!
Chantal M. Hilbert.

I learned he value of preparation. Thanks to having taken part in this event the last three years, we were able to really prepare everyone for everything: registration, check-in, transitions, heats… everything, which is as much a part of events as the race itself!
Guy Demong

I learned that I CAN do what I set my mind to. It's really amazing to have so much support on the course and on the sidelines and I know it wouldn't have been such an inspiring and fulfilling experience to have completed it alone. To see everyone push to overcome their individual hurdles along the way was awesome! If I could re-live it all again, I wouldn't change a thing!
Melanie Hartney first time triathlete

I learned that I am mentally tough and I can refocus and succeed even when facing the ultimate
adversity. This is a trait I'm sure I will count on several more times in my life and instead of folding I will carry on where others would have given up.
Tyler Willson (First time triathlon finisher swim time 58 minutes.)

There is a level of personal satisfaction when you accomplish a goal that you set out to complete. However, there is even another level of fulfillment when you can inspire others to enjoy the journey as well.
Curtis Christopherson

I learn the value of having amazing support system and an amazing group of people to compete with. friends and family make freezing on the bike, drinking my yearly quota of chlorine and almost amputating my feet all worth it. thanks everyone.
Megan Campbell
I learn that you train for a reason, so take your training seriously or you will be disappointed on race day
Steve Christian.

I learn that I should not drink too much of the pool water.
Greg Forbes King brrrrrr!
I learned we have a tight team that is very supportive of one another - we all want to see each other succeed and when done on a high level is a pretty powerful force to reckon with.
Justine Boulin (proud spectator)

I learned that perseverance and persistence with difficult challenges enable great success.
Paul Chung
I learned that wet legs + spandex + -2c = Gong show!
Ali Johnstone Cold triathlete!

Please share with us what YOU learned...

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