Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The most powerful energy bar or sports drink...

My point of the day...Do things with people and support others along the way.. Find someone who enjoys the same things and have the same goals. As you can see below, it is the best energy drink someone can have.

Whidbey marathon 2009

I will say this... it being my 3rd half-marathon but the first that I've ever run with someone else: IT MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE RUNNING WITH YOU GUYS!!!! Even if we weren't talking... knowing that I had this positive spirit and encouragement surrounding me was invaluable. Like the most powerful energy bar or sports drink ever created!!! It felt like a fast two hours (unlike last year at Whidbey when it truly seemed endless).
And while I didn't get under two hours.. I beat my Whidbey time by 6 minutes. And I know the course was tougher because the average finishing time last year was 2:16:18 and this year was 2:30:02.
Also... last year out of females I was 361 of 953 and this year I was 185 out of 884!!! And in overall place I went from 704 out of 1483 and this year I was 417 out of  1304!!!! It wasn't just finishing it... I went from being in the top half to being in the top third!!!!! And I was the chunky kid growing up who couldn't run around the school track without being in last place. When did I become an athlete????
Andrea "Andi" Green

Killimanjaro 2009
To myself, this hike demonstrated that 16 people with different personalities, experience, and ability levels CAN come together as a team to accomplish a common goal. It demonstrated that support, attitude, and communication CAN be instrumental in any team’s success. And lastly, it demonstrated that ordinary people CAN in fact, achieve the EXTRAordinary. 
Curtis Christopherson

Thank you for your empathy and support. The summit night was so much harder than I expected especially trying to summon emotional, physical and mental strength from what I felt was a very empty well. To reach the summit and have such support from you, Matt and the rest of the IF Team was truly appreciated.
Christine Ball

Seattle 1/2 maratthon 2008
Along with all my lessons and mental & physical endurance building, I also learned to appreciate the disability bars they put in public washrooms. As well as the ability to walk and go up and down stairs. More so I gained an appreciation of everyone who supported me in every day and step leading up to Seattle, and were "with me" in your thoughts and communications throughout the experience.
12:11 Isabelle: Enjoy the last few miles and take the time to look back on how far you have come and how much u have grown as a person. Big hug
12:11 Curt: Keep it up bud. Proud of you.
12:21 Mom: Go Ivan Go mama is praying all the time for you
12:29 Thank you, I am inspired!.
12:32 Mom: You are this mother's joy, I'm so proud of you
12:50 Coming up on 25 of 26.2 Slowly everything I have is being put on the table. I have claimed the victory
Ivan V

NYC marathon 2008
-Back to the hotel for a shower and then meet up with my dad. I have an amazing family - my dad and my sister flew in for the event to support me. Having them there was so incredible
-Around mile 10, still in Brooklyn, I run into Kim and Kay - another jolt of energy -
Graham Robins

Oliver 1/2 2008
Probably the best part about the entire experience for me was getting to know you all better on a personal level by spending a lot of quality time training together, going through this learning process as a team and supporting each other.
Kris S.

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