Monday, March 23, 2009

The Subconscious Mind

Awareness precedes action and it is no secret that positive awareness will bring about positive actions. When we think we can’t – we won’t and when we think we can – we will. Successful people whether athlete, artist, mother, father, employee or businessman are all aware of the positive affects mental visualization can bring to enhance their individual lives. Successful people see themselves as being successful and really believing that they are. The thoughts we allow to enter our mind have influence over what happens to us and ultimately determine how great we become. Positive thinking brings great attitudes and although it is a great start to achieving personal excellence, it is also just scratching the surface. How then can we better use positive thinking to better our lives?

Have you ever heard someone tell you not to fall asleep with the TV on or be mindful of the music you choose to listen to before going to bed? Or perhaps while having to be creative and unable to get the right flow of ideas you dozed off only to awake a few moments later with new brilliant concepts? Both scenarios involve the subconscious mind, going from a conscious state to entering a subconscious realm of thinking where what we absorb and think can become real. Exploring how our subconscious mind works is a necessary step to realizing our goals and is paramount in the development winning mentalities. To use our subconscious mind to help us become healthier, stronger, more creative or wealthier we must first understand how the brain works. There are 4 levels of consciousness our brain goes through.

Beta - Is demonstrated by brainwave frequencies of 13 to 60 pulses per second in the Hertz scale. This brain activity is when we are consciously alert and is what we are most accustomed too. Beta is our conscious mind and is used on a daily basis when we carry out cognitive functions such as making decisions, putting forward arguments or driving a car.

Alpha - Brainwave frequencies ranging from 8 to 13 pulses per second. This is when we enter sub consciousness brain activity. This is when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation and appears when in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness for example, light meditation or daydreaming.

Theta - Brainwave frequencies ranging from 4 to 7 pulses per second. This is an even greater state of sub consciousness that is considered borderline dreaming and associated with extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Delta - Brainwave frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 4 pulses per second. This is when we are unconsciousness, in deep sleep or dreaming.

To use our subconscious mind we now see that we have to be at rest allowing our brain activity to slow down to alpha and theta states. This is difficult because we spend most of our time in a beta state of awareness and only consciously consider (while going about our daily lives) how to develop winning mentalities. Positive thinking should not be limited to just when we are in a conscious state. In order to achieve greater success, it is necessary to move beyond this and practice creative visualization and autosuggestion while in the alpha or theta state hence training your subconscious to believe you can, you will and you are.

Our subconscious works by taking instruction from our conscious mind without any questioning. Such instructions go through a process of repetition and affirmations. These are then realized as actions after such instructions are transmitted over to the conscious mind. Without such instructions brought forward over to the subconscious, no action would be taken and the subconscious would, as a result remain dormant. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious has no ability to discern truth from falsity, as well as the reality from the imaginary. Given such, it is important to surround our subconscious minds with positive affirmations that will change our thought patterns, emotional state, limiting beliefs and attitudes for better ones. Negative affirmations would often be manifested as negative results as the subconscious mind transmits the undesired results over to the conscious mind, which then takes action, resulting in the undesirable effect being manifested in reality.

Hypnosis is successful because it implants positive affirmations into your subconscious that are then reflected by conscious thought and action in our daily lives. Without having to seek a professional for hypnosis each day we can develop a higher level of positive thinking on our own with a bit of discipline. Make effort each day to place positive affirmations into your lives while in the subconscious state. If you are not taking time to mediate or relax during the work day then practice while in bed before sleep and upon waking. Positive affirmations are best absorbed just before we fall asleep and as soon as you wake, still lying in bed. Over time you will be able to surround yourself with thoughts, words and actions that are positive in nature.

When choosing positive affirmations use ones that are not too long, that have only positive words describing what you really want and make sure they are in the present tense. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can affect us in many ways, be it good or bad. So next time while falling asleep, turn the TV off, choose relaxing music if any at all repeat your positive affirmations to yourself. Doing so will guarantee you happiness, allow you to achieve more out of your life and be successful in your own game.

Some examples of Positive Affirmations:
- I have a lot of energy.
- I am wealthy.
- I study and comprehend fast.
- My mind is calm.
- I radiate love and happiness.
- I have the perfect job for me.
- I am strong and fit.
- I am living in the house of my dreams.

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