Wednesday, March 18, 2009

W, AIG, A 'Bad Day' and The Law of Attraction

Every dog has their day.
Unfortunately, when a pit bull has their day it is a lot more damaging than when a poodle has theirs. Case(s) in point;

So, the great George W. Bush came to speak yesterday in Calgary in his first speech since leaving the oval office. While the man was passionate in his speech, he maintained that he was (in his mind) right about Iraq, the war on terror, and protecting America and democracy. The war on oil was of course conveniently skipped, as was any accountability whatsoever when it comes to the collapse of the American economy (and how that was such a critical domino in the collapse of the world markets). I watched an interview with one of the people who paid $400 a plate to watch him- and she was "excited to hear one of the world's greatest leaders speak".
Are you kidding me???
...we continue...

So the bailout has begun, and the greed that drove a world economic event - is still thriving. AIG took it's share of taxpayer money, and paid 73 executives over $1 million each in bonuses; 11 of whom no longer even work for the company. 1 such bonus was over $6 million.
Great job W, this is the economic playground you've allowed to exist for 8 years and left for Obama to clean up.

Both of the above are examples of pit bulls left unchecked who could bite whoever they wanted and (as yet) received no comeuppance. BUT - the law of attraction does not sleep, and below we read what may be in store for others (as W and AIG above) who lead, steal, act, or live without regard for their peers, society, or Earth.

A Bad Day
Daniel Tschetter, a truck driver from nearby Cochrane, AB, is waiting to hear his sentence and what his day of reckoning will be. Dec 7th, he was speeding a 40,000lb cement truck along one of western Canada's busiest highways when he slammed into a car stopped at a red light killing all 5 of it's inhabitants. He claims he was having a bad day, having lost his wallet 2 days earlier, and experiencing issues with some of his truck gauges. He also had alcohol on his breath which he waived off claiming he mistook a vodka bottle he kept in his truck cab to offer to customers for a bottle of water. He also threw this bottle into the cement mixer before authorities arrived 'in his panic'.

The fact is, you can't drink, speed, drive like a maniac, kill 5 people, and get away with it. And Daniel Tschetter won't.

You can't plead your case on the world stage, ask for and get $85 billion in bailout money, and then bonus your fatcats millions without the world raising in uproar.

And you can't avoid the awesome responsibility of leading one of the all-time world powers without taking personal accountability and leading with ethics and true transparency.

The law of attraction is all around us- and it is waiting to reward people who, in the face of this much chaos and lost souls, work their tails off, live with integrity, and swim upstream.

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