Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why don't we add more fuel.

to the FIRE.

In the 21st century, it is of no surprise the direction where we are headed in our current economy, community, and life : downward. We are watching the financial & housing markets crash after years of greed (that is finally coming to the surface), we are witnessing frequent shootings & killings from years of corruption that has been ignored, and we are listening to a world of negativity overwhelm people in their daily lives who are just being hit by reality.

We wake up to complain about the weather, we go to work to complain about our job duties, and then we go home to complain about our relationships. Meanwhile, we are posting our moods & updating our status on facebook to share with the world our negative mindset. And then what strikes me even more, is that these exact people are those that watch the news and complain about what is going on around them...yet are doing VERY little to change anything. In fact, they are 'the' fuel that is being added to the fire.

Whatever happened to be excited about a supportive job environment that provides endless opportunities? or a healthy family and group of friends? or being privileged enough to have & be able to afford MORE than the necessities of life? Because if we truly think about it - there are a lot of us, that don't have it that bad. Yet, we get bombarded with negativity and we in fact, become a part of the problem.

If we look around us, we would realize that there are families who are grieving in Germany because their INNOCENT child just got murdered by a random act of violence. We would know that there are people in Africa that are suffering from life threatening diseases such as aids. And we would see that there are some people who can't even afford to buy a pair of shoes, let alone invest money in the stock market. We need to start looking at reality so that we can stop our complaining. And that is exactly what today's blog is about. It is about identifying our mindsets, being realistic when it comes to our unhappiness, and truly valuing what we have. It is about changing our approach to STOP complaining & START being a part of the solution. Don't add more fuel to the fire...because it just doesn't help matters. Start DOing.

If you want a raise...find a way to earn it. If you are unhappy in your relationship...find a way to fix it. And if you are unhappy with the weather - MOVE.

All - what we get out of life is what we put into it - so instead of letting things happen to you, dictate your future to make things happen for you.

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