Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get Excited

Ever notice how most days of the week (can) have a feel?

Monday can be blah, slow, depressed to be back at work
Tuesday is busy, catching up from a Monday that wasn't too productive
Wednesday is hump day- "if I can just get over the mid-week hump"
Thursday we start to get happy about the weekend
Friday we are either pumped or drained from the week
Saturday is most people's favorite - family time, sports, party, or all of the above
Sunday can be lazy and the dark cloud of Monday looms ever nearer.

That's what a week can and unfortunately often does look like. According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian life expectancy is now 80.4 years. That's getting on the hamster wheel and repeating the above rat race week 4,181 times.

We could do that; or we can start to make certain days have a different feel.
Today I am super pumped some great friends are coming from Vancouver to catch up, ski, and enjoy each other's company. It's not everyday you can rely on some great friends popping in; especially those who have been so instrumental in my own development; but we'll be enjoying a Saturday feel on a Wednesday and Thursday. That's the point.

While we all have responsibilities and roles that we must fulfill, and we also all get 24 hours in a day. Having said that, here's some very quick ideas to maximize mid-week or weekends and avoid running around the rat race track 4,181 times;

1. Hire a babysitter (mid-week or weekends). A dinner on a Wednesday out on the town sure changes the routine and helps to improve your relationship. A date night a week for life is my goal with my wife.
2. Read a book. Sharpen your mind and your skills or go on an intellectual journey.
3. Take a course. Learning should never stop and whether an art class, an adult education workshop, or whatever else - register for something that you find cool or exciting.
4. Get to the gym. Working out burns calories and helps you achieve your goals but it also helps keep you energized to get through those extra tough weeks; especially these days.
5. Get outside the gym. It's spring. Even if there's still a bit of snow on the ground, the warmer fresh air does your lungs and your mind good. Run, ride, rollerblade, kayak; whatever. Bring your iPod to help you get through it, or find a rare hour in the week to be alone with your thoughts.
6. Be thankful. On your own or with your friends, family, or whoever, write a list of what you are appreciative of in your life right now.
7. Review your goals. Take an hour and review long term, short term, and this week with what you are doing to move forward; not just what you have to do. Adjust what you need and tomorrow you'll hit your day with new vigour.
8. Go somewhere you've never been in your own city. Look at the tourist maps and be a tourist in your own town, or just wander somewhere you've wondered about. Many people take some of the best parts of living where they do for granted.
9. Play a board game, card game, or anything else to have fun and get the competitive juices flowing within your household or by having a few friends over.
10. Work a Saturday and take Tuesday off. Get as busy doing things for yourself as you are doing them for your boss on a random day; and make up the time by working on a day where the workplace setting is often more relaxed and you can still meet your friends on the patio by 5.

These are just 10 ideas. There are probably 4,171 more. If you could go through life never once hopping on the hamster wheel; well that would be a blessed life indeed. Now everyone's homework is to have a non-hump day and create their own feel for how today plays out.

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