Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inspiring... Sun Run 2009

Event: Sun Run
Distance: 10km
participants: over 57 000
Number of inspiring stories: probably over 57 000

We wanted to share this one with you....

My biggest concern was getting to the care home and finding my Mom not well enough to get out of bed.
But there she was - all dressed, breakfast eaten, coat ready and big smiles!
We had to get her SunRun official t-shirt on, load her up, and we were off downtown.
Norm drove us down right to Howe Street (the "whites" lineup)
We had to wait until the whites has run through then we were at the front of the line for purples.
Mom was cosy with a blanket around her knees, mittens and her touque.
I think it was pretty overwhelming and pretty loud for her - but she was so excited she kept looking at her watch.
I tried to keep active by jumping around a lot.
Finally it was our turn to start running. Someone threw us down a party pompom from the radio stands.
So Mom started waving it at anyone on the sidelines.
The hardest part of the whole run was going down Georgia Street and keeping control of the chair.

My next concern was making sure we didn't hit anyone in the heels with the chair.
A bit of a bottleneck down around the lagoon, as we were wanting to run, but lots of people were
in our way walking. We ran as much as possible where we had a path to get through.
Someone helped me push her up the big hill to the Burrard Bridge which was sweet.
I burned 884 calories and had my heart rate up in the 170's almost the whole time.
We got so many "high 5's", smiles, and good comments along the way and Mom was so cute waving her pompom at everyone.
I don't know our official time yet, but it was around 85 minutes.
I was anxious to run more, but we were always trying to get around people walking - it was nice passing so many!!
At the finish line, I got Mom out of her chair and she walked across the mats on her own.
It was amazing!!
It was the best run I've ever done. Not the fastest, but so much fun.
Mom told me in the car coming back that she would never have missed it for the world!
(We only saw Josip down on the field when we got into the stadium and got a yogurt and banana) 
I guess you guys were already home and eating lunch by the time we got through!! 

Anyways, we left Mom at the little kitchen counter at the care home eating Norm's mom's cabbage rolls.
She was in her glory telling everyone about the run.
I think everyone in the whole building is going to know about it!

What a challenge!! What a great way to do my 5th Sun Run. 
I don't know how long my mom is going to be around
and it was so great doing something so special with her.

Thanks for being so supportive and helping me know that I could do it.
My arms and neck are killing me - I'm going for a stretch now and a nap!!!

Sharon Gramchuk

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