Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Twice the beauty... seen when shared.

Two great examples this week are (above photo) 18 people stepping outside their comfort zone to hike the Grand Canyon top to bottom to top in 1 day. There were seasoned veterans there like Isabelle; and we had a great mix of first timers as well, who came back beaming from the trip and not able to talk slow enough to convey their excitement.

I was one of those first timers last year, as was my wife. She was quite the trooper on that trip- accomplishing the same feat 2 months pregnant! This brings up the second example of 'twice the beauty is seen when shared'. Last weekend we got to take our son Chase to the zoo for the first time - he's still a bit young for the whole experience, but his eyes were pretty wide nonetheless!

What makes me feel really good about stories like this is surrounding yourself with people who do so many good things in a year that sometimes; you have to miss out on the achievement personally, but you can still get a high from everyone else's victories.

Also, having a kid makes some of the things we as adults think innocuously about - grandiose. It's a great perspective changer and if I ever get caught up in my own problems- the way Chase looks at the simplest of things instantly makes me forget why I was stressed.

Not everyone will experience hiking the Grand Canyon- let alone the thrill of supporting other people through their own doubts and empowering them to do it.
Not everyone will experience the joy of seeing the world through a child's eyes.

BUT - everyone can be a part of someone else's happiness, achievements, and success - and all it takes is lending a little bit of you. We have to remind ourselves in these busy (and potentially stressful) times not to get stuck in silos worried about our own problems. Sometimes opportunities for you are hidden as other people's challenges.

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