Thursday, April 16, 2009

what do you learn from people around you

In Canada, the standard work week is 40 hours. This is the standard, some might work less some more. This means, in a year, the average person will have spent over 2080 hours at work. There is 8 736 hours in a year in that case, 1 /4 of your year is spent at work. 

My point is.... Do you go to work everyday with the same motion of "good morning" to each co worker and go about your day? Have you ever thought about asking yourself:

 "what am I going to try to learn from the people around me today?" 

 Will I teach them anything?
Will I make their day better? 

Just a few simple thoughts I wanted to share since I feel very privilege to be learning each day from the people around me. 

Will you go to work with a different perspective tomorrow?

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