Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Do It

This month's issue of Outside Magazine has a great article wherein many of the world's most savvy adventurers tell their story. One that stuck with me was the story of Mike Horn. In his words on "why I do it"...

"The question is, What puts a smile on my face at the end of the day?
That's why I do what I do.

"When you have to rely on yourself to survive, you find that inner strength we all have so much difficulty finding in our daily lives. Once you've discovered it, you get such a sense of satisfaction, such a sense of being alive.

"We all want to take time off to think, to concentrate on that one thing we really want to resolve in our life. But that time is very difficult to take in the modern world. There's always someone around you, always something to do, always a phone ringing. Now imagine all that is taken away.

"All of a sudden you find yourself with so much time that you say, The only thing that I can really do today is look at myself. That is the freedom that we're all looking for that we can never find. Being alone gives you the freedom of choice, the freedom of thought, a moment to have bold ideas. I'm not doing what I do for the risk or to die. I'm doing it to live."

Horn, 42, has completed motorless circumnavigations of the equator and the Arctic Circle. During the winter of 2006, he skied to the North Pole.

This got me thinking about a) what I do and b) why I do it. The first part; the what- is under construction. I have a few tough events (a half ironman & the west coast trail topping the list) and many runs, bikes, hikes, etc but still need to come up with that "I can't believe you did xx or yy". The second part is a little more clear. I do destinations to inspire my team, our customers, myself, my family, and especially, through the body of my life's work (physically and otherwise) my son.

It's amazing how greater purpose and vision have changed how I think about my own comfort zone and how I need to redefine myself (yet again) physically.

It is so true and so important for all of us to realize even those who achieve the most inspiring feats - have the same time pressures, responsibilities, and opportunities to quit or join the rat race that we all do... they just find a way to win.

They find a way to win at their game and thus they find a way to win at life.

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