Monday, May 18, 2009

Find the people who find the positives.

It's been an interesting (read: challenging) weekend, and that always helps drive home the lessons most hard-learned. That is, your fundamentals really show when you are faced with adversity.

It wasn't a terrible weekend by any stretch; no drama or tragedy - just learning what my parents had to go through with me. Our son is on day 5 of his diarrhea/ decimating his bedsheets at 3am/ not sleeping trend. This is obviously tough on my wife and I, but at these times it's very important to step outside our experiences.

Close friends of ours just had a miscarriage, and a few others can't conceive despite their best efforts. We live in a country where maternity leave is 12 months. We individually and collectively have friends who are parents of children older than Chase, who can offer support and advice from an experienced perspective.

While we go through a sleep deprived weekend, my parents live in town and can babysit, and I am very blessed through my employment and the opportunities and support it provides.

This blog, however, is not about me... it's about choice and it's about perspective.
It's about knowing that the universe doesn't revolve around you, and that other people may see how blessed you are even if you don't.

It's about choosing a positive and/ or proactive mentality in every situation you are faced with (or at least as often as consciously possibly as consistently as possible).

If you can do this in your own life- it makes you more supportive of others as well.
Those who achieve a lot in their lives have 2 types of people in the lives; those who genuinely support them and are happy for them, and those who doubt them, tell them they shouldn't continue their 'crazy pusuits', or that they're 'too busy', etc.

After all, if you limit your own potential with negative thought, how supportive could you be of someone else? It's easier to doubt someone else if you aren't seeking greatness yourself.

It's also easier to be great if you see and support the greatness in others and see the positive in every situation. That's our potential, after all- the collective of what we are able to make out of every situation life offers us combined with what situations we are able to generate for ourselves.

go get 'em today!

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