Monday, May 04, 2009

Personal Quests

The Holy Grail is believed by some to have been the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper and by others to have been a cup used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch the blood of the crucified Christ. Some claim that Joseph may have brought the cup to Britain in the first century. The Holy Grail, with its connection to Christ is said to possess miraculous powers and has therefore led to many quests by those in search of its authenticity. With many written accounts, one of the most well known stories is that of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Legend has it that only three of the knights got close to finding the Grail with Galahad being the one knight who got the closest. Upon his discovery, he was ascended into Heaven leaving the other knights behind and with no Grail. To this day the Holy Grail has not been discovered, yet many people still believe even when there is no real evidence proving its existence.

What is it about the Holy Grail that excites the imagination and continues to be something many seek to find answers on? Perhaps it is because the quest is one that characterizes hope in the sense that the Grail is something that is not only desirable but also possible and likely to be true? Or maybe it is because the quest keeps many pushing forward in life towards a goal therefore creating something achievable to live for. Believing that something is possible and having hope is a powerful mindset because it gives us direction and creates a sense of purpose in our lives. Life would be quite dull if we did not have a greater objective to shoot towards. Whether your goal is to write a book, travel the world or live a life full of generosity, they are all related to who you want to be in accordance to your values and gives us something to aim towards. Purpose with respect to values is worth setting because it is what brings true fulfillment. What is your quest in life? Do you have a personal Holy Grail that you are searching for?

In King Arthur’s search, him and his knights never did find the Holy Grail though it was one of their most well known adventures they set out to accomplish. In our own lives, we occasionally set out on quests that come up empty handed. What is important to realize is that this is not failure - first of all we never will know if we do not ever make an attempt and second of all, adventure is all around any quest we embark upon with lessons to be learned and that in itself makes it worth going for. The story of the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail should not be seen as unsuccessful but seen as a story that brought adventure along with encounters and experiences that are well worth their teachings. We should all have our own central purpose in life. Like King Arthur, we have pulled our own sword from stone making us rightful owners of our lives. Along the way there is much to be learned by taking risks, facing our battles, making mistakes and with consideration that life is truly one big adventure. In the event we do not find our own Holy Grail we can reflect on the other stories we experienced along the way like the many stories the Knights of the Round Table have to tell.

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