Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quick pick-me-ups

Wednesday is so often called "hump day".
This is a pretty poor way of looking at any day of the week, as the connotations denote, "If I can just get through today I'm more than half way to another weekend".
Rather than going through another day- today being the 6th we're going to list 6 reasons you should be inspired today.

In no particular order;
1. In TV's "The Biggest Loser", Ron (pictured with his teammate and son Mike) just walked his first marathon; 17 weeks after beginning his journey at 430 pounds. With a bum knee and still weighing nearly 300 pounds, the father of 2 is the oldest man ever to make it to a Biggest Loser finale. If he can do it, literally almost anybody can.
2. This weekend our respective Innovative teams in Vancouver & Calgary will be running Mother's Day races all over the lower mainland and in Calgary. We will be joined by tens of thousands of our closest friends and helping support research for breast cancer and other worthy causes; while we make OURSELVES a worthy cause.
3. We are extremely blessed to live where we do, when we do, with who we do. The biggest health scare on our North American radar is the H1N1 Virus (swine flu); which has a death toll of 42 in Mexico and 2 in the US. Malaria, on the other hand (which we rarely even think of) kills an estimated 2.7 million people a year according to the World Health Organization. Not to focus on the negative, but we do have to acknowledge and celebrate how lucky we are, and the fact that most of us have the wealth, time, or both to be able to help others in other parts of the world who are less fortunate.
4. The inflation-adjusted median income for families with children in 2005 was $82,943 according to, more than 20% higher after inflation that the same figures 25 years ago. Canada is among the strongest of all G7 economies, and despite the recent economic slow-down, we still have a tremendous amount of discretionary income compared the world over.
5. As the above statistics prove, cost simply is no barrier to an active lifestyle. You don't have to be scuba diving in the Maldives, but you can walk, rollerblade, jog, swim, hike, snowshoe, or take a bootcamp class all for less than $200 (most of the above are free). With a little more money you can bike, kayak, or ski for a day for less than $80, and own the proper equipment for under $1250 in most cases.
6. There is no time better to start than right now in pursuit of your biggest goals and (as per yesterday's post) overcoming your fears. We had a hike on the weekend and a brand new customer attended. She was on the verge of tears being challenged as much as she was by a 6 hour hike, but she started to find joy out of the situation when she was reminded that she has had the chance to face her mistakes and correct them. She didn't see the error of her ways on her deathbed- she did it with years left to live to the fullest.

Well spent days add up to fulfilling years which adds up to a life of purpose. Wasted days quickly add up and the price tag is regret; something I'm sure none of us want to face as we look back on our life. USE today to move yourself forward; don't just set the bar to get through hump day.

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