Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ski to Sea 2009

Ski to Sea started in 1911 with 14 participants. In 2009 we were able to stand at the starting line with 4oo teams of 7! What a great time we had and what a fun experience. You take 7 of your friends, draw out of a hat if you want to see who will cross country ski/downhill ski/run/cycle/canoe/mtn bike and kayak! the first person starts at Mount Baker and the last person finishes in downtown Bellingham, Washington.

 It started at 5am when we drove up the mountain to drop off the runner/road cyclist/cross country skier and runner. The weather was perfect and so was our team!  we were called 100% affective and it was the first time in this event for each team member. We didn't know what to expect but went with the flow! The only way to go!

We started out with the cross country skiing. 4 miles of steep ups and downs and tagged the downhill skier. Turns out not all downhill. Racers had to take off their skis and climb up before hitting the downhill part.

Once the fun was over on skis, the runner was next to go. They had to follow the road down the mountain with the peacefulness of having the road to themselves since they had closed the road to traffic.

What a good quad burner! Our runner Bill arrived at the next transition to tag on tami. She was the only one that really had a time frame for her section. She had set out a 2 hour time limit for herself.

What do you know!!!! 1:59 and 15 seconds. this was for sure a big highlight of the race, to see her so happy and on such a high from pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Especially since she started from scratch after her car accident. We did not even know if she would be able to ride at the time.

The 2 canoe racers were ready to get down to business. The currant was just good enough to take them to the next stop a little faster than normal. At the end of the paddle The biker was waiting patiently and ready to go.

I was on the beach waiting for them and cheering every team that went by. We had to exchange the bracelet and it was great entertainment to see people trying to get the bracelet out of their packs and trying to look as good as they can when  shaken up by the tough mtn bike section they just finished.

The paddle was beautiful and of course with the sun shinning all day, it was a good time! The last step was to go as fast I you could and hit the big bell at the finish.

Hope to see you there next year!

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