Monday, June 15, 2009

Being Effective

It is no secret that the process of writing goals can help transform them into reality. Successful people carry out this task on a daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly basis to better achieve their personal objectives. In Wednesday’s blog titled ‘Put It Out There’ we see a list of goals that the author aims to accomplish in his lifetime. Seeing someone else’s goals can be motivational in that it pushes us to write our own. Writing goals however is just the first step in bringing them to life. The next and more important step is action and action is dependent on effective we are as individuals. Here are ten strategies to increase our personal effectiveness:

To have a high regard for your own personal values means that you don’t measure your worth by the views of others or by the judgments that some may place on you. You must value yourself enough that it does not matter what the circumstance may be.

Find something in life that you love and truly boosts your enthusiasm. When you do you become passionate about life and this is the fuel that keeps your fire burning. You will feel a sense of purpose to life.

Often people to not get what they want in life because they are focused on too many different things. By acknowledging our limitations and narrowing our focus on one target we are more likely to get it. If you chase two rabbits you more likely to lose both of them.

Being decisive is when you know in advance what your goal is and then basing all future decisions with respect to that goal. The opposite of decisive is procrastination and this slows our chance at becoming successful.

We often have a tendency to put thing off until a better time but the truth is that a better time never comes. Items will always keep filling the plate and by having a sense of urgency we build momentum that empowers us to overcome procrastination and get things done.

Being able to do what you should do versus what you want to do is something must master to get what we want. Sometimes you have to be able to set aside what you want right now for what you want in the future. Without a degree of self discipline, you will be forever enjoying the benefits now but paying a much higher price later on.

Many who complain about lack of money, time or energy are those who have not tried being as resourceful as they can be. Most of us only tap into our true resourcefulness in times of dire need. Better to resourceful to get what we want instead of trying to avoid what you don’t want.

The willingness to admit that you do not have it all figured out will help you to make the most of all the resources available to you. Humility is what empowers someone to learn from failure instead of being defeated by it.
Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit. People who have been successful in their lives are the same ones who will never give up. Keep throwing things at the wall because eventually something will stick.

Because successful people never quit they have to possess the ability to adapt by trying new approaches sometimes. If you keep doing the same things that do not yield the results you are looking for you have to be willing to attempt a new method. Think differently and re-strategize your plan.

Out of these ten points there are some that you may have a solid grasp on and some that you need to focus more attention on. Embrace the ones you are good at but at the same time make sure to identify those which could be improved. Each day, week, month and year put your weaknesses into your plan. Make a plan to be better at what you are not good at. Your goal list is now written and you have renewed vigor in your approach to accomplish your goals. Take action by being as effective as you can be.

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