Monday, June 08, 2009

Do not underestimate..

Do not underestimate the power of team & support...

This past weekend many of our teammates (along with our customers) took part in the Oliver Half Ironman. It was an incredible day of victories, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating achievements!

Many got to experience for the first time the power of team and support.. what it means on a higher level, how it feels to have that support, etc. Later we asked ourselves what we experienced and learned about team, support and destinations. Below are several responses that say it perfectly.

Great job everyone and looking forward to the next event we'll all be cheering at!

The 2 biggest parts of the Oliver experience I see are the road to the big day (training with other coaches and customers and learning more about the sport and your abilities) and the day of support and feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. This is huge for us to recognize the importance of pushing each other to try something outside each of our comfort zones because that is how you grow. Think about how much you learned about the sport and yourself in the process, how you can better coach customers in triathlon now, how much you inspired others to do the same, etc. - Kris

The coolest thing about this weekend was seeing everybody who was cheering the athletes on in such a motivating and genuine manner. Everybody who was in oliver (coaches and customers) came together to support each other even if they didn't know who they were, if you were wearing an IF shirt or jersey, you were a friend and you supported each other. Destinations also re-enforce a good team to make it great. It is an experience that forever bonds those individuals together in memory and spirit. The more destinations people participate in the bond grows to make for an even better team of people than before. - Kevin

This weekend taught me how integrated team and destinations are. The importance of creating that team/group environment for a big destination is so key in making a event successful. You put in hours and hours of training together, you get to know each other/meet people and then the event itself is just the icing on the cake. As kevin mentioned everyone came together participants and supporters, we all cheered each other on, and all celebrated the victory when someone crossed that line. - Kate

One of the biggest memorable moments is seeing that finish line and having your team-mates, friends and family waiting there, cheering you on through the finish, full of excitement, cheer and joy for what you have just accomplished. This is what I love about our team and the fact that whether you are racing, just watching, or have just finished, you are there waiting for the rest of your team to make it through. Once you see those smiles, it is priceless and the joy and sense of accomplishment cannot compare to anything else. Also, no matter what obstacles come your way, your team is always there to find a way to overcome and make it happen. They are there to support you 100% and watch you succeed. -Chelsea

team and destinations...that every single person participating had a friend or family up there supporting meaning everyone had their own team. We learned that the power of team can make anything possible. Even when we had customers trying to back out, the team (including customers) were there to empower them to complete the journey.Again, quite simply, 'don't give up of someone!' Because if you do WE are not doing our job.. -Richard

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