Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Push To Open Access

Above is a picture from a very unique destination. 99% of the time, successfully leading people to destinations is about helping people overcome barriers they place on themselves, and showing them they can achieve more than they thought possible.

Every now and then, someone comes in and shows US what is possible, and how you can't judge a book by it's cover. Enter the 2009 Alberta Parks Access Challenge. With the theme 'push to open' (see website - this unique challenge is all about removing barriers. Barriers to an active lifestyle, barriers for persons with a disability to the great outdoors, and probably most importantly barriers to human contact with those we may not understand because they aren't exactly like us.

This August (7th to 9th), 5 'Sherpas' for each athlete in a trailrunner (specialized trail wheelchair) from the Innovative community and the larger Alberta community have said yes and will have those barriers blown apart.

This event, by the way, is free of charge as Alberta Parks works to deliver on it's mission To create the conditions for a vibrant and successful tourism industry throughout the province; manage the provincial parks system for the benefit of all Albertans and future generations; and promote active, healthy lifestyles through
participation in sport and recreation.

That's forward thinking and that's one heck of a great idea and event. If you or your organization wants to get involved, click the link above. If not, their stories can still provide inspiration and help all of us to get rid of the barriers in our life.

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