Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Put it out there

As we know, the law of attraction brings us what we send the Universe, be it excitement, positivity, complacency, or negativity or 'victimism'. Just over 3 years ago I put my list of goals before I die out there into the Universe through my intent, saying it out loud, and sharing it with those I'd hoped to inspire through such a tool. Here's the result below, and remember - it's not about me, it's about sharing tools that work and showing what's possible through the example...

Goals Before I Die

Health Related
Body fat (back) below 10%
Network with a naturopath- set specific goals with them
Do 2 cleanses per year

Physical Goals
Make Every Football Team I tryout for - as of last football experience w/ U of C- completed
Run a marathon
Run 100m in under 13 sec – done 12.6sec spring 2006; ~11.8 sec fall 2006
Run 400m in less than 1 minute
Complete the “Escape Alcatraz triathlon”
Complete an adventure race- done 2004 Storm the North Shore, Vancouver, 2007 IF Adv Race Banff
Complete the Peach Classic
Complete a Half Ironman – done- Oliver Half Iron June 4 2006 (7:38)
Complete an Ironman
Hike the Grand Canyon – done 2008
Ride from Calgary to Banff – done Banff to Calgary 2007
Ride from Edmonton to Calgary 1 day – planned July 25 2009
Ride the ‘Golden Triangle’
Power clean 185

Adventure Goals
Swim with Sharks
Scuba Dive – done Maui 2009
Snorkel in Ocean – done Puerto Vallarta, Cancun (1997,1998), Hawaii (2006,2009)
Ocean Kayak – done 2004-6 in Vancouver
Kayak in Los Cabos
Kayak the Broken Group Islands
Learn to surf – done Maui 2009
Hike the West Coast Trail – begins June 12 2009
White water rafting – done, Golden 1996
Cliff diving- done, Shuswap, Mabel Lake
Hike K2, Kilimanjaro, or Everest
Rock Climbing
Bungee Jump
Go over Niagara Falls
Drive over 200km/hr

Business Goals
Get a job at a gym – Apr 26 1998
Become a personal trainer - ~June 1998
Manage a Fitness Department- (WHC, Golds, IF W.Van) achieved as of 24 (2001)
Manage a Fitness Club- (Gold’s Lethbridge, IF W.Van & Calgary) achieved at 26 (late 2003)
Help get IF Calgary over 450 hours
Own an apartment building as an income property
Publish an article in a magazine - Rising Women, Impact, BCRPA update
Have a knes book published
Train a professional football player- Xavier Glatt
Be a mentor to successful professionals in the industry
Run my own business – started at age 21, closed at age 26, bought part of Innovative Calgary 32
Win a top 40 under 40 award (Calgary, Alberta, Canada or other)
Leverage the success of fitness into a second career I’m passionate about

Financial Goals
Own a house – owned part 1 month before 24th birthday- sold Oct 2003, now co-own as of Mar 2008
Own a house in Calgary and in Vancouver or Tofino
Be debt free or at least own more than I owe
Earn a million dollars in my lifetime
Contribute $200/ mo to RRSPs – done beginning May 2009
Contribute $100/ mo to charity
Contribute 10% of my salary to charity

Personal Goals
Write and publish a non-knes book – done, swimupstream 2008
Continue to add to/ revamp personal inventory (same one or do a new one every 5 yrs)
Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger
Take a typing class
Balance coaching football & work
Maintain my Vancouver friendships – been back to Vancouver min once every yr since moving home, Mable Lake annual, etc
Become a foster parent
Be on TV- A Channel & CTV News
Be in a movie- Sheldon Kennedy Story
Have my own radio show- Country 105 Thursday fitness spot

Travel Goals
Get to Brazil,
Mexico – done 1997 & 1998 Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Tijuana
Europe – done (Greece 2008)
Ethiopia, South Africa (safari), Zanzibar
See Komodo Dragons in person
Ice Hotel
Hawaii – done (4 islands) Nov 2006, Maui Mar 2009
Los Cabos,
Newfoundland (mile terminus), Montreal, P.E.I.,
Grand Beach, Manitoba
Drive across Canada
Tofino – done Easter 2006

Family Goals
Keep in close touch with bro, folks even if I/ they move
Get married – done June 7, 2008
Never cheat on my wife – met as of Jun 10, 2009
Have children – first son Chase b Oct 1, 2008
Meet my grandchildren, be a mentor to each one of them
Develop a family mission statement with input from the family

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