Friday, June 26, 2009


When a rock is thrown into a pond what do you see? For most of us the answer is simple; a splash. The obvious answer to a question is usually the one we look for when asked because we are typically solutions based beings. It is not our fault; it is how we have been taught through years of schooling both in a classroom setting and in life. In solution based thinking we look for the universal cut and paste answer for no other reason than having the ability to supply and answer when a question is asked of us. This ability to fill others needs through providing solutions gives us power because we move from receiver to provider. The more we can provide, the more authority we are granted, therefore accumulating a stronger perception.

The fault with cut and paste based thinking is that we never learn to process information, which leads to empowerment. It is simple to memorize facts, regurgitate them as answers, and show everyone how well we would do on a game show, but your best life is not built for this type of thinking. Your best life lies in your ability to synthesize information and interact with it.

On any given day we are inundated with thousands of bits of information, each bit leaving a question for us to categorize, analyze, combine, extract details, reassess, find bias, and then come to an individualized conclusion. This taking of various components and combining them into a new whole facilitates learning far greater than just finding a solution based on the information given. Through synthesization we create a new understanding for ourselves and how we act within our personal spheres, therefore increasing the chances for our ability to succeed. In our search for new solutions we must blend our own knowledge and experiences so that we can form our own conclusions.

The answers for our own personal success do not lie in the hands of the guru du jour who is giving the same information to the next person that is giving them money, it lies within our ability to question what we think we know and understand that we do not know much. Our quest is to evolve our thinking therefore allowing us to expand our power. Unfortunately we spend more time trying to know more solutions and less time asking more questions, therefore limiting ourselves to understanding what and not why.

If we want to gain the upper hand on life and start actually living the best possible life we can, we must create new meaning to what we think we know. In order for this to happen we must understand the roots of our actions so that we can develop reasoning and authenticity of self.
Synthesizing information for personal advancement allows us to look beyond the splash and find out what happens to the rock as well as the displaced water. These answers will allow us to succeed, but we first must be able to answer with “I don’t know”.

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