Monday, June 22, 2009

Worry about you

How many of us spend time throughout the day to reflect on our own actions or inactions, thoughts, feelings, meaningful conversations, etc etc. OR do we worry about others – what they’re up to, what they’re thinking.. who’s doing what. Mindless, endless gossip that serves no purpose other then to take away from our own SELF purpose and direction. We pick up the magazines and are so in tune with the next move of anyone but ourselves. Glued to the TV, talk about Lindsey & Brangelina like they’re our new best friends.. talk about the neighbours, their dog, and everything else but OURSELVES! It’s no wonder we have so many people unhappy with who they are, never satisfied, and never able to accomplish and achieve what they are capable of.. because they spend all day worrying what everyone else is doing.

Some advice (and this is a common sense general tip): Stop meddling in what does not concern you & attend your own affairs. How is taking someone’s personal affairs and turning it into gossip make you a better person? How is talking about the latest ‘story’ or your so called friend behind their back turn the focus from you and your problems? What are you so afraid of that makes you interfere with other’s lives?

When do we start being concerned with ourselves? Or is it that by focusing on others and their shortcoming s that you can easily forget your own...ahhh.. maybe that’s it. Well guess what – by pointing out where other people are wrong, will not make your own problems disappear.

Mind own business & worry about your own life.

Maybe eventually you will come to some sort of internal happiness and satisfaction and stop feeling the need to pick up the latest US weekly or talk about everyone else’s personal lives like its ‘news’. Requires a bit of work, and hey – we get it, it’s not easy to look inside for why you’re so unhappy. Much easier to point the finger. Too bad the people you’re pointing the finger at could care less about you. Last time I checked Lindsey wasn’t checking up on you. Grow up, be an adult, set some goals, focus on how YOU can get there and worry about that. At the end of your life I promise you won’t be thinking of those you’re gossiping about now and will wish you spent a bit more time focusing on positive things.

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