Thursday, June 18, 2009

your most important friend.

mute the tweet, ttfn facebook, even go further than the ‘who’s there for you in the tough times cliché’…. your most important friend needs to be you.

just when it seems as though everybody is worthy of their own audience, blog and or reality show, statistics show we are not benefiting from these fabled friendships; depression up, self esteem down, loneliness rampant – the bull friend market will soon crest it’s genuine capacity.

why is it important to love yourself? simple. if you can’t identify, accept and/or accentuate your own great traits – chances are neither can others.

for example being happy is infectious. when you are happy with yourself, others are normally happy with & around you. when there’s darkness inside, its shadow extends for miles.

but come on… happy all the time? no, that’s not realistic either and we are not speaking extremes. being genuinely happy isn’t a ‘to do’ for the day, it’s a life skill that includes; appreciating the gifts you have, focusing on the worthy, giving more than you take, listening more than you talk and the list goes on. we’ve all heard it, we all know it and today’s blog is a reminder to practice it.

people spend so much time investing in friendships that are low returners when they could spend time investing in a guaranteed stock – YOU. it starts from the inside, there’s no time span and it's the foundation needed to support others.

so over the weekend, spend some time getting to know, appreciate, respect and fall in love.... with you. write some while you live goals, reflect on your great life to date, and give yourself the positive self talk & props you need and deserve for being…..


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