Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bullet Point Principals

Today's entry may be seen as anecdotal, or it may be seen as fundamental in terms of the tips below. In any event - below are some of the key principals to follow if you hope to be thought of, spoken of, and remembered fondly as a person of high principal. In no particular order, but each critical to living your principals.

- Identify your principals. You can only know what is truly important to you, and that which you'll never compromise on - if you know yourself and you know your story. Getting to know you is the only way to truly BE you.

- As per above, know thyself

- Underpromise and over-deliver. If you think there is a hint of a chance you won't be able to follow through on a promise to someone - keep your mouth shut and turn a completed deed into a nice surprise instead of turning a nice gesture into disappointing people.

- Be 100% into whatever you are doing. Don't be with your kids and think about work, and don't waste time at work on facebook or instant chat. Better to hammer out 6 hours and leave than 'put in' 10 hours and get the same or less done as the girl who leaves early every day but is never behind.

- Your attitude in anything is your attitude in everything. If you pose as a leader at work or at church and then commit fraud, make excuses for your victim-like behaviour, or mentally or physically abuse your spouse - you will eventually be defined by your lowest moments, not your flashes of brilliance. Define yourself not by your weakest skill, but by your weakest attitude you display - and then work daily to improve your attitude in all aspects of your life.

- Follow through

- Surround yourself with people you like AND want to be like; not just people who are easy and comfortable to hang out with. Surround yourself with the people who will take you where you want and need to go, even if it isn't always a pleasant journey.

- Give back to your family, your community, the world in at least some capacity

- Learn to put yourself first at times

- Learn to support, facilitate, and celebrate other's success - even if there's nothing directly apparent in it for you

- Learn how to make yourself happy on a deep spiritual level

- Discover a purpose for your life

- Try new things and don't stop doing this, ever.

- Challenge yourself to be better and to achieve more than you are currently able.

- Learn to celebrate life as you imagine your grandparents did during a simpler time.

- Learn what points you will add to this list below to make this list of principals YOURS and then do your best to live them as consistently as possible every day.





- Come back to this list regularly to make sure your are living it, and that each of the principals are still important to you.

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