Monday, July 27, 2009


The health and fitness industry has evolved with something that every person is capable of doing that along with fitness-based results also brings the experience of personal victory. This new phenomenon is what people are calling ‘Destinations’. In the physical sense, a destination is a challenge you take on that will lead you to your fitness goals. In a more holistic view a destination not only makes you physically fit but also can facilitate personal growth.

A destination is any physical challenge that is outside your comfort zone and requiring a little more effort then just going to the gym and sitting on the stationary bike for 30min. It is something that you may feel are unable to do like learn to run 10km after not having run more than 10min or it could be to learning to ride a bike again so that you can experience the fun with your grandchildren. Destinations are different depending on the person and can be any challenge from eating healthy for 1mos to being able to walk up a hill nonstop to completing a marathon to testing yourself in a triathlon. The main thing to remember is that a destination must present an upfront challenge that brings with is some level of adversity. Feelings such as doubt, apprehension and fear are common when taking on a destination. Do not turn away from these signs as they are not warnings but arrows pointing you in the right direction towards a personal challenge - your chance to reinvent yourself.

With challenge there comes adversity, the opportunity to grow personally and ultimately become better than when you started. Think for example, the challenge of taking on a new job. It often is a difficult transition learning new skills that can test things such as your attitude, your time management, and leadership skills. If you chose not to accept the offer you may have never learned better communication skills or daily planning that directly benefited your personal life at home. A destination is the same idea - a challenge to make you better yet also getting you towards your initial goals of losing those extra pounds and putting on some lean muscle mass.

Every person out there wants to become more fit than they are and many start working out in effort to achieve their goals. The harsh reality is that many people become bored without a challenge, loose the drive they once had and end up quitting the routine that they were once so excited to start. Goals therefore are not being met and it can be a continuous losing battle to always go through the same negative cycle year after year. Having a destination on the other hand does the exact opposite by providing constant stimulus preventing us from going through the same motions and ultimately bringing our goals into fruition. Without challenges in life we are not thinking at a higher level or coming up with solutions to meet goals and destinations are no different. If we turn down doing a destination then we say no to trying new things and ultimately learning more about ourselves in the process. It is very similar in our careers environments where employers go to great lengths ensuring challenges are set so that employees end up sticking with the job.

If you want to get fit, loose weight, feel better and at the same time instill healthy lifestyle habits then train for a destination. Gone are the days of being asked how much you can bench press or how much weight did you lose last week. Here are the days where people want to accomplish more and will ask you what destination are you training for? Stop doing the same thing you have been doing, challenge yourself, embrace adversity and experience your own personal victory with a destination of your choice.

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