Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Written by Innovative Fitness Coach Jeff Iwanaka.

Here is a story about a lady who kept her dream alive by her determination, strength and courage. Understand that to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Ardath is a lady who just had that quality in her. She believed in herself that anything is possible with determination. In the beginning of 2009 I challenged Ardath to ride her bike from Seattle to Portland. Without much hesitation or resistance she started her 6 month journey. This was one of the first challenges in life where she felt totally out of her comfort zone. In life Ardath was a leader, leading others; but in this instance she was being lead, something Ardath is not used to. Biking was relatively new for Ardath so along the way she had many falls. After each fall, she got back on her bike without looking back or getting discouraged. Not only did this make her stronger….it made her more determined. She practiced more and more over the months and knew that with practice she will only get better, something few people do after many failed attempts. Well she became better and better as the weeks went on. She was more determined than ever, came out for the weekly rides with a positive attitude and surrounded herself with the right people who believed in her. Mentally at this point she was stronger than ever, had the trust of the Innovative Fitness team, her weekly riding group and her family that she was going to cross the finish line.

Day 1 fast approaches and she has her eyes set to get through the day. 170+km’s down and mission accomplished. Rest, eat, celebrate, sleep, wake up, eat and back on the bikes ready to attack day 2. Morning arises and the weather is cold, gloomy and wet. Within minutes into the ride the unexpected happens. Lightening, thunder, hail and wind all happening at once. We were caught in a storm. Lightening is one of her biggest fears as well she was very uncomfortable riding in the rain. This is where her strength, committment and determination kicked it. This was the day she was going to battle her fear and close this chapter.

At 3:30pm Ardath crossed the finish line in Portland and celebrated “Victory”. In life, far too often we are scared to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk in challenging themselves. STP was a prime example of Ardath stepping out of her comfort zone in more than just one way. Congratulations Ardath!

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