Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Enjoy Every Step

One thing about success is that you can't get there without goals.
Goals, both in the visualization of their achievement, and the vision of what your like will look like in their pursuit, can drive you.

Ordering your life in alignment to achieve these goals, ensuring your actions are consistent with the attainment of them, is a key facet in success. You don't hang out in bars every weekend if your goal is to meet marriage material, and you don't smoke if you hope to be in the Olympic games.

While working towards goals brings a sense of purpose, and while hard work can be it's own reward - it is important to be motivated both by the process of goal setting and acheivement; not just the attainment of what you set out.

Many people can lose focus of their life's pursuit and chase a larger paycheck rather than job satisfaction and passion - it is very common to accept a promotion for a job you don't even want (even if it takes you away from a position you love) simply because it pays more in the short term. The adage of success equally passion PLUS skillset and attitude may not prove true right away, but that doesn't mean it is any less true.

Speaking with a multi-millionaire just last week, I was informed that he was the happiest 20 years ago when he had no money but tons of purpose and challenges to look forward to every day.

It really speaks to finding purpose in our lives, and serves as a reminder to all that it's not just what we acheive... it's the way we live our lives and how we treat each other that gives us meaning (not that we don't have to work our butts off along the way, however!)

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