Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our Home Is A Gift To All of Us

Having just returned from a Canada Day pancake brunch in our neighborhood, it was refreshing to see what Canada means to many of our nation's citizens.

True, there were a few people out there who will wake and rest today with little thought to what it means to be Canadian, but there were also;

- babies, toddlers, kids, parents, and grandparents wearing red, or even adorned with "I love Canada" clothing.
- veterans there who fought for our Independence there to appreciate the happiness and freedom enjoyed by their descendants
- communities brought together by the notion that we are connected not just by geography, but by ideals and principals
- a feeling that this is what society is supposed to look like and feel like - it's not about everybody for themselves; but there is acceptance, the appreciation of differences, and the freedom to pursue your dreams and sleep safely in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Happy 142nd Canada - thank you to all of you whose sacrifices have helped shape what many of us have only to cross the street to find; and may all of us alive to experience what Canada has to offer today appreciate her beauty and not take her for granted.

Whether you wear red, recycle, pick up some litter, or become part of a block watch today - do something to appreciate how lucky we all are to live where we do when we do... we are all extremely blessed!

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