Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Things

If there are three things you can do today to change the path of your life they would be to believe, to ask, and to try. For those of you who do not wish to change your path it is most likely because you are already constantly achieving these three aspects.

To believe is to accept something as true and is the creator of direction in our lives. Our ability to believe gives us the chance to eventually act by allowing us to move forward with conviction. Without conviction we don’t have firm belief and cautiously move in a direction that we are persuaded to go, not meant to go. Our belief can be within ourselves or in others, the important part is that we are invested in our belief and know with certainty that while we might fail, we are moving towards something not in spite of something.

To ask is to inform. The reason children are better equipped to learn than an adult is because they are not afraid to ask questions. Through information we create choices based on knowledge and not on hunches. We can act on feelings but without information we will question why we are doing something and not how we will do it. In asking we begin the problem solving ability that leads to educated movement which is always better that movement for movement sake. In asking, we also let go of our ego and come to the realization that we do not know as much as we think we do and reach the understanding that there are people out there that are smarter than us. If we are lost we need to ask for direction from multiple sources and then decide whose information suits our personality and ethical code the best.

After we have created belief and asked the right questions to the right people we then have given ourselves the chance to try responsibly. Every successful person in the world got there by generating the courage to try. Every significant achievement in the world came from someone who did not buy into odds or naysayers and took a chance on themselves. There has been far more failure than success throughout history but in order to empower yourself and find out your own answer you must be willing to make an attempt. We all have something to prove to someone and the answer to find that proof comes with our ability to simply create effort.

The closer we get to where we want to be the harder the process gets because we are faced with tougher decisions. Our ability to believe in greatness becomes more difficult because we leave more people behind us. Our ability to ask the right questions becomes more difficult because we have less people to educate us. Our ability to try becomes more difficult because we have more to lose. What doesn’t become more difficult is our lives because in believing, asking, and trying we finally become champions of our own destiny where we are empowered enough to know that failure is a temporary state when we have the internal fortitude to expect excellence.

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