Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black Tusk hike

Black Tusk Hike

Event: Black Tusk
Location: Squamish/Whistler Area

Duration: 14km – Round trip approximately 8hrs or a overnight trip
Extreme Factor: 8/10 
Cost: Free
Recommendations: BUG SPRAY


It the midst of the late July heat wave that Vancouver was experiencing, 2 groups from Innovative Fitness decided to take on the challenge to hike up the Black Tucks.


The hike starts at Rubble Creek parking lot, approximately 45min north of Squamish. The hike is split up into 3 parts. The first part involves a 4 hour climb of switch backs up to the beautiful glacier lake called Garibaldi Lake. The trail is very popular, so my advice would be to get there early in the morning to not get the true feeling of being in the back country. After a quick rest stop and swim at Garibaldi Lake you journey along the 2nd part of the hike though a beautiful wild flower meadow. Utterly spectacular!

The last and final part of this hike is the climb up black slate and loose rock to the base of the tucks. The most technical part of the hike, but once you get to the top the view is simply breathtaking. To think that you are only a couple hours away from the city and you do truly appreciate the beautiful province we live in.

There were two groups from Innovative that partook in this hike. There was a group that did the whole hike in one day which took approximately 8hours,  round trip including lunch and rest stops along the way. The other group decided to do an overnight trip. They hiked up to Garibaldi Lake on the 25th, stayed and camped at the campsite and then met up with the one day hikers the next day. If you like camping and the outdoors, this is an excellent option. To wake up to the morning sun coming over the mountains and then to enjoy you breakfast on the glacier lake, definitely a trip worth taking.

thanks to Kate P. for sharing.

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