Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make a small change

There are days, like today, that the stories of those achieving great things can inspire. For some, the stories of huge accomplishments can make them feel like whatever they'll inevitably do won't amount to anything.

On a day when 3 rockstars from Vancouver have set out to Australia to begin their epic cross-Australia ride for Juvenile diabetes awareness & fundraising; and an entire nation gets ready for the biggest bike relay in the world here at home- it is understandable how others may keep their efforts to themselves, or feel that the effort isn't worth it and may pale by comparison.

Hence- a subtle reminder that Matt, Curtis, and Richard did not hop on a bike for the first time with a goal of riding cross- Australia with local movie stars and camera crews in tow... they probably wanted to ride for an hour - and then loved it.

For everyone out there who feels like their accomplishments may be less than consequential, or that it might not be 'worth it' - remember that small changes add up. If you make 1 deliberate small change today and stick with it - the impact will be with you the rest of your life. Let's look at a few practical examples...

By spending $25 less a month on clothes, movies, beer, etc and investing that money (for example in mutual funds returning 10% on average per year) - in 5 years you will have over $2000 saved instead of $1500 spent - a difference of $3500!

By walking to work once a week, even for 6 months during the warmer seasons, a man of 200 pounds who lives 2 miles away from work and takes half an hour to walk can expect to lose almost 3 and a half pounds by doing nothing else with their diet or exercise plan! If they did this for the same 5 years they were investing they could afford a vacation to the beach and would be 17 pounds lighter when they took their holiday!

If bottled water is consumed in the home (even 4 500ml bottles a week), by switching to a Brita system or reverse osmosis tap system, $235 a year could be saved on water alone, plus 208 bottles won't end up being consumed which helps the environment in a few pounds less waste each year. After the same 5 years, you'd save over $1500 for the spending money on your vacation, plus a noticeable difference in waste facilities and greenhouse gases would be made.

There are countless other examples, from making small changes to the stressors in your life positively impacting your health, to financial, philanthropic, charitable, or exercise-based examples...

The point is - start small, start now, but start! If you can be inspired to ride across a country for charity - you are amazing and we will be singing your praises. If you have the ability and commitment to start small - if we all did this the world would be a much, much better place!

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