Monday, August 24, 2009

Money vs. Passion

A few 60minutes interview clips from last sunday have been going around recently and thought I'd share them here.
Mike Vick vs Coldplay

**those of you that aren't familiar with Vick, he is the NFL player that was convicted of bankrolling an illegal dog fighting operation and was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison. More recently, he has been released from prison and is looking to rejoin the NFL but is on conditional suspension.**

  • vick surrounded himself with the wrong people that were looking out for their best interest not his
  • vick doesn't seem to truly know who he is, what makes him happy or why he's doing what he's doing (or was doing, being the nfl)
  • vick took his talents and gifts for granted and thus, had a shitty work ethic
  • coldplay has been together for over 10 years and each one knows what their role is and is comfortable with that
  • coldplay understands what they do well and what they don't all the while having a very clear idea of what they're in the 'game' for
  • coldplay clearly have a burning passion and desire for what they do which is why they are always working at it...because it's not 'work'

How does this relate to all of us? It's as simple as questioning what are WE going to do with our talents?

Chris and Vick can remind of us money vs. passion. What are we going after, and what's going to bring us more in the end..

Vick has all the natural physical ability in the world without working out or practicing hard. He had very poor focus to what his goals were and made some horrible decisions. Leading him to prison as well as losing his 130 million dollar contract with the Falcons.

Chris Martin however proclaims that he can't sing like Usher, dance like Byonce, or write songs like Elton John, but they "do the best with what they got". They have a relentless work ethic writing songs and creating a new album while still on tour. Setting themselves up for further successes down the road. In a time of economic crisis they continue to sell out concerts all over the world.

Watch them both and see what you think..

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