Tuesday, September 08, 2009

As I stood on the beach front of English Bay surrounded by other people in green swim caps I starting to realize I was actually going to do this my first Olympic Triathlon.

Despite being kicked in the face and swallowing 1/2 a Liter of sea water my swim was off to a good start, however as I was near the first turn I had a wetsuit malfunction as it started to fill up front to back with water, so instead of drowning with freestyle stroke I had to switch to breast stroke and finish it off as strong as possible.

The bike was beautiful as the scenery wrapped around and through Stanley Park as it hardly felt like I was in a race. I ran into a few team mates during the bike and could here people screaming, "Go IF" every time I did a loop and passed the crowd, which pumped me up for every lap.

Starting the run I could barley extend my legs but after about a K into it I felt fine and knew I was on my way to the finish, seeing customers and teammates along the run route motivated me even more to finish strong as I yelled their names out as they passed. Just knowing people were there supporting each other made the experience that much better, whether it was significant others or teammates or random people they all made a difference in their own way.

This was one of the greatest accomplishments I have completed to date and I'm looking forward to many more with IF.

Thanks for sharing your story Scott!

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