Monday, September 21, 2009


Have you ever viewed your teacher and thought how knowledgeable they are and how creative they must be to present the learning material in a way that makes you want to pay attention? Or perhaps, you looked upon your boss in admiration for being the leader who seems to do everything right by getting multiple things done, leading meetings, being available when needed and prompt in replying to questions? No matter what stage of life we are in, we have people around us who are doing things that we doubt we would be capable of doing. Even a simple assignment like writing and posting a blog such as this is viewed by many of you as something that you couldn’t do.

Taking on new goals means taking on new challenges and starting something for the first time is never easy. Many of us end up declining challenges in life because it seems too hard to do and this often means we slow our pursuit in achieving our personal goals. If you ask anybody who considers themselves a student of life (and we all are), the two biggest things we want out of our short time on earth pretty much comes down to learning and experiencing as much as possible.

Yet without even knowing it, we often subconsciously set ourselves up to avoid situations or assignments that challenge us and provide us with the very two things we want – to learn and to experience. Our goal and ultimate reward is to become good or even great at something new. Bringing thought to fruition within our lives means overcoming many obstacles that we set up in our mind. Whether your goal is to be a teacher, get physically fit, start a business or even write thought provoking blog entries beware of the negative thoughts that hold you back. Thoughts such as: I am not smart enough, I do not have enough money, I don’t have the time, I am too tired etc all are what Dr. Wayne Dyer lists as being part of the top 18 excuses that hold people back from doing what we want in life.

The good thing to know about taking on challenges is that the more you do it the easier it becomes. It comes down to practice and even your veteran professor who presents a great class did not learn how to teach over night. In fact, when people take on teaching as their profession they sometimes spend a week preparing their next weeks classes. It is not easy, it takes time but the more it is done, the easier it gets. Each year the preparation time becomes less and the classes become better. When I started writing these blogs I would take a whole weekend to note ideas, do research and write in a way that is both compelling and grammatically sound. It sometimes frustrated me that it would take so long but without quitting and practicing I now find myself sitting down with an idea and writing in one hour.

As we all know, opportunities are disguised as hard work and it is this hard work that often leads us to our goals. Beware of the thoughts we have that tell us we can’t do something or that it will be too hard. Know that new challenges begin tough but get easier with time and with enough patience and perseverance before you know it you will be an expert in an area checking goals off that once you thought you could not do. Success in any field is directly proportional to the time you put into it. Practice makes perfect and anything is possible.

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