Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stick to Your Vision

One thing that strikes me about great achievers - they are almost always asked 'what's your secret?'

One thing about those who are about to become great achievers... they often get the feedback that they work too hard, have no balance, are sacrificing too much, or are just plain crazy.

Having the fortune I've had to work with others I've witnessed become great successes, and having achieved a level of success I have had to work past adversity to achieve... one thing resonates with me very clearly...

We must all define success for ourselves - and we owe very few people an explanation of what that definition is, or how we plan to get there. While it's true we need to define success for ourselves, and while it's true we do need a plan to get there - as long as you have taken the time to explain the above to those closest to you, and as long as your plan and roadmap make sense according to your best judgment- that's all that matters.

Once you have clearly identified your vision, and have systematically calculated a plan for it's achievement; doing anything but seeing it through (unless your passion or vision changes) is a failure at life.

As Robin Sharma has said "The purpose of life is a life of purpose". Through both the pursuit and achievement of our vision we can draw deep purpose. With no vision, we are often merely breathing.

dream it
see it
plan it
make it happen

It might be hard work but it's not complicated.
Stick to your vision.

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