Monday, October 05, 2009


Each day we come across many great lessons and ideas that we know if
implemented would make us better people. We read books, articles, watch
programs and hear people speak to us on what it takes to reach our goals.
Too often however we see/hear great information, become so excited about
how meaningful it is and then fail to use what we have learned in a way
that betters our lives. The end result is that we render great teachings
to be useless and therefore leaving ourselves in a position no better than
where we began. We see, we hear but the implementing into our lives just
doesn't happen as we allow information to enter one ear and then out the

It is not about what you know or how much you know but what you do
with what you know. We have heard this before and the essence this saying
boils down to one word - Action.

Do you take action in life by taking
your thoughts and goals to the next level? Or do you hear and sometimes
take notes on the lessons but then fail to follow through? Successful
people do what unsuccessful people don't by not only planning and having a
vision but following through from A to Z. On the flip side, unsuccessful
people wait for things to happen to them and then often become discouraged
or complain that things are happening to them that they have no control
over. The complete opposite is true - we all have control to make what we
want out of life and that means taking action.

Todays message is one
which I think is important to share with others as we approach the end of
2009. I hope that this message helps kickstart your day as well as your
last quarter of the year. Let this communication be your reminder to 'go
get'. Upon reading this communication, break the habit of being just a spectator
who simply thinks 'good blog now back to my day' and letting a good idea
evaporate into thin air. Instead, take it to the next level - Do and Teach
others to do the same. Implement what you already know and what you learn
by taking action to make what you want happen in your life.

"There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded." -Mark Twain

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