Friday, October 09, 2009


There have been amazing advancements in the way we communicate over the past 20 years, making our ability to keep in touch with others simpler and more efficient. We now have the ability to be reached at any time from just about any corner of the world. These advancements have opened our accessibility to the world and the world to us, yet have distanced ourselves for the one thing that is most important; us.

Because we now live in an age where we have access to anyone at any time and vice versa, we have lost the ability to connect with ourselves. We no longer have the ability to disappear and reconnect to our internal beings, which is essential in any level of success. Our work days are now longer because we can get as much work done away from the office as we can in it (creating unpaid overtime), our social lives are now busier because we have no escape from others connecting with us, and our family lives are no longer just for family because of the constant interruption of ringing phones and alerts no matter where we are.

Innovation is a great thing, but there hasn’t been an innovation created that doesn’t contain some type of negative side effect. In fact there are no longer win win situations in technological advancement. For every advancement made in communication, we have taken a step back in our ability to create time away from the world and into our own minds. The more accessible we are to others, the less time we have with our own thoughts. Typical alone time 10 years ago has been replaced with noise, noise from headphones, noise from cell phones, just plain noise from us trying to be everything to everyone.

If we are to be a good anything to anyone we first must have the ability to be good at being ourselves. This is an impossible task unless we find the ability to compartmentalize work, family, social life, and self. I can’t be a good worker when I am updating my social network pages while at work. I can’t be a good father/husband when I am working while spending time with my wife and kid. I can’t be socially competent when my focus is not on the environment I am in; rather it is on other perceived obligations. I sure as hell can’t be a good person when I don’t have the time to actually communicate with myself and reconnect with who I am or what I am becoming.

I’ve said it many times because it’s true, we are the most important entity in our lives and unless we have the ability to figure ourselves out we are worthless to those we surround ourselves with. This means that we have to create our own bubble where we can get away from the innovations in communication that are designed to make our lives easier, and actually begin to communicate with ourselves once again. We must have the ability to be a worker while at work, a family person when with our family, a socialite while with our social circles, and ourselves when we make the time to be alone.

Communication is an essential aspect of creating our own success. Communication with ourselves is usually the piece we are lacking the most, and by not knowing who we are anymore we become our greatest detriment in actually creating our success. With technological advancements comes one great constant, the off button. Get to know it so you can get to know yourself.

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