Saturday, October 17, 2009


At some point in time we will all come to a place in our lives where we feel stale; where we feel we no longer have anything more to contribute to the group we are associated with. Hopefully for us we have come to this point on our own terms and have not had to wait for others to make us aware of this shift, because in controlling our own destiny we must have the awareness to know which way to bend the winds.

There are many reasons why we become stale in life, some real and some perceived, but all that any reason means is that it is time to go in a new direction. In moving forward we do not have the time to invest into something that we feel we are no longer creating the impact we would like to in whatever sphere we are stagnant in. Once we come to the realization that we are not in a phase, that our feelings are valid to ourselves, then we must find a way to move on, to recreate, and to reinvent.

Three things are greatly important when we come to the realization that we need to find new avenues to explore; 1) that we recognize how we got to where we are, 2) that we sincerely thank all the people that supported us in our efforts, and 3) that we make the move without disrupting flow.

No one got to where they are without someone taking a chance on them and making an investment in them. Everyone is also not the same person exiting a situation as they were entering it. This is why the reflection process is so important. In the reflection process we must understand not only who gave us the chances we received, who helped us accelerate the learning curve, but also recognize the gains we have made internally and see how the situation allowed us to grow as an individual. We must allow us to see the whole transformation and recognize that while we were the main contributor in our success, there are many others that helped motivate us along the way.

In recognition we also must offer thanks. There are many people that surround us who continually go unrecognized for their contributions to our success. It takes absolutely no effort on the giving end to say “thank you”, yet means a ton on the receiving end. Remember there are many different ways to become inspired and that the odds are likely that you will be thanking people who helped you by less traditional means, but helped you none the less and are equally deserving of your gratitude.

The hardest part of reinvention is not disrupting the flow on the others who are in their moment. Change is disruptive only when we believe that we are more important than we are and make change disruptive. If we have done it correctly, we will have educated others in the same way that they have educated us, therefore moving on in a manner where waves are made but flow is not compromised.

With 150 blogs now to reflect on, it is time to move on. Thanks Matt for the chance; past present and future. Thanks contributors for inspiration and making my brain think. Thank you readers for viewing, disagreeing, trying, thinking, and exploring.

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