Monday, October 19, 2009


An idea is a thought, a stimuli and a catalyst for action. Each and every day we generate countless ideas and one of the great things about human beings is that we have the ability to express our ideas to others. How good does it feel when you tell your idea to someone who then supports it by saying “great idea”? It is empowering yet compare that to how you feel when you speak an idea only to have it immediately shut down. Obviously there are good ideas and bad ideas and bad ones should be recognized before they turn into action but too often we dismiss our own and other peoples ideas before as soon as they are voiced. It is in our nature to think practically and realistically which sometimes narrows our spectrum of what actually is possible.

How does one know if an idea is good or not? If you were to ask 10 people and 7 or more said it was a no good would that make your idea unworthy? Being a believer in possibilities and knowing that most of us think at a conservative level, it is in this writer’s opinion that most people doubt and chances are the idea is a good one. There are many real life examples all around us of people who were told their ideas would never fly and who are now soaring. The ones who plow through doubt and skepticism are those who take risks and believe that bringing their idea to fruition depends on their desire and determination in doing so.

Never be afraid to voice your ideas, hear what others have to say but do not allow them to shut your ideas down. Your ideas are deep rooted to your values, beliefs and what you are passionate about so bringing them to life is entirely dependent on you. Take your idea and let it be manifested into a world of possibilities by taking a risk and taking action. You will never know if your idea was great if you don’t believe and take that first step.

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