Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why we play the game

It's always fun to watch people begin their journey.

Three such people come to mind right now as part of a contest modelled similarly to the "Fitness Fantasy" concept called the "Herald Health Club".

Our 3 contestants did their first weigh ins and the week one results ranged from no loss to losing 27 pounds. While no change may be de-motivational after such hard work, and 27 pounds is as close to life-changing in 1 week as I've ever seen, we have to learn to look behind the numbers.

While three people are competing, there are a few caveats to remember...

1. The most important competition is INTERNAL. We are offering an adventure trip to Maui, but gaining your life back is the bigger prize and that is what we've heard from all 3 contestants!
2. Many people gain weight their first week because of increased fluid, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient retention as well as amino acid and protein synthesis (the beginning stages of adding new muscles tissue).
3. There's no guarantee the rapid weight loss can continue. Here's hoping it was the result of following the systems to the T, eating enough of the right foods, and getting way more active - but if anyone (these 3 or anyone in the world) tries to 'cut corners' in terms of weight loss, their bodies will catch up to them.
4. Many factors are involved in changing your life (not just weight) and thus our competition was structured with that in mind. We don't know who's going to win now and we probably won't know by week 6 either. It's anybody's contest and that's the point of today's entry...

5. Anything worth having in life is up for grabs. The winners in life are made and they are conditioned, they are not born. It is within your grasp to attain the skills you need and assert the attitude you need to be successful. That's why we play the game of life - because we get to decide what a 'win' means for us and then we get to take the field and make it happen. Life is not played out on the sidelines if we truly want it to count.

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