Monday, November 16, 2009


On Monday November the 2nd we posted a new idea about ‘Currency’ and that every person has different currencies or values that are unique to their individuality. Depending on the stage of life we are in, values or currencies may change while some remain forever the same. Understanding this as well as knowing that when we live by our values we are more likely to succeed, think how far we would get if we accepted ‘Challenge’ as one of our personal currencies.

Embracing ‘Challenge’ as a personal currency means that we appreciate the value in doing new things and avoid the complacency we often naturally accept instead. Doing something new brings the opportunity to learn more about life and to experience things we have not before. By being open to challenge we will ultimately find ourselves accomplishing more than we ever thought we would.

Here are some simple challenges that we can consider to better our lives:
1) Rather than doing the same 30min treadmill run week by week, try it outside and build up week by week until you can run for a total of 60min. Not many people can run for 60 straight minutes, which usually is enough to cover 10km.
2) An artist who enjoys drawing and painting could try using computer applications to create what they normally would on canvas. Conversely, those only ever to use computer programs to draw can try simple pen and paper.
3) At work, try something different. A hair stylist could learn how to color hair rather than only be known for their cuts. A teacher could start coaching one of the school teams to find a new way of connecting with the students.
4) If you play on a sports team, try playing a different position. It will give a greater appreciation for other viewpoints as well as improve your weaknesses.

The hard part of challenge is just that – it is hard. New challenges take us outside of our comfort zone, force us to work at what we are not usually good at and often make us fall on our face. Yet falling followed by the act of getting back up to make another attempt is one of the most powerful choices we can make which forces us to grow and be better. Challenge brings adversity and perseverance through adversity does not just build character, it reveals it.

While challenge promotes growth, it is important not to take on more challenges than one can handle at a given time. The best way to approach a challenge is to face it head on, learn and master it before taking on another. Having challenge as a personal value is something that will shake the foundations of routine, overcome plateau and make us stronger individuals better equipped to face some of the tougher challenges that life may throw at us when we least expect it.

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