Monday, November 23, 2009

Training Fleas

How to train fleas? You can place fleas in a jar with a lid on it. The fleas will of course begin to jump, repeatedly hitting the lid in their attempt to escape.

After about 20 minutes, the fleas begin to learn that they cannot escape and stop jumping as high as they did to begin with, to avoid smacking their head on the lid.

Once they become accustomed to the fact that they cannot escape, you can remove the lid and the fleas will continue to jump at a height just short of the top, never escaping the jar. Since the fleas BELIEVE they cannot escape the confines of the jar, they stop trying. Because of their experience with smacking their heads repeatedly, every time they tried to escape, they never even bother looking up to see that the lid is no longer there.

Interesting hey…Sometimes, people who are just starting on a new goal (career, relationship, physical..whatever your goal may be) have never bumped their heads before. They may believe that the sky is the limit and there is nothing they cannot do. They are already planning all of the ways they are going to get to where they want to be. This is a great attitude to have. However, often times if someone has never bumped their head they may give up and quit easily when they discover that it is harder than they expected.

Then we have people who have hit their head so often in the past, that they are afraid to even try to jump. They don’t even attempt to get to where they could be because what’s of the attitude of ‘what’s the point.. they won’t make it..’ They are afraid to get their hopes up again, only to have them dashed another time. So afraid that they haven’t even noticed that the lid has been removed…

How many times have you hit the lid when trying to reach a new goal? Have you stopped to look up and see if the lid is still there? This applies to all your beliefs of what you can and can not do - to everything in your life that is holding you back. Have you stopped trying, or assumed there’s a lid in place because of past experiences?

Don’t let life’s failures ‘train’ you to stop trying. Instead learn the lessons so you can jump even higher the next time. The lid only stays in place if you keep it there, and you’re the only one who can remove it..

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