Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Vulnerability is Strength

This week I have had the privilege of hearing many people's stories; both teammates and customers.

What is so rewarding for me after writing my story 5 years ago and sharing it I don't know how many times - is when people feel "lifted" through sharing, and then realize that there are okay on the other end.

The opened up and trusted someone and that trust was not abused.

They shared their deepest darkest secrets and instead of that knowledge being used against them they were set free.

They shared their most vulnerable side with someone else and it helped bridge a gap in understanding.

...and with enough time, self work, and then understanding - they can use their story to help others.

We all have a story. Some are plain, some are sad, some belong in movies that would make all of us cry. What many of us fail to realize is a) we often aren't the ones holding the pens (we are letting our story get written for us; we are victims) b) we are re-writing the same chapter over and over (we haven't broken the cycle) or c) we have a best-seller and we aren't sharing it!

This week alone I've had people share their stories of abuse, death, insecurity, guilt, self- sabotage, and gender-trust issues. While each one had a different origin - NONE are/ were hopeless and all can lead somewhere positive.

We must remember as we take our next breath that we can grab the pen at any time, we can write a new chapter, and it's never to late to change or own life or help someone else change theirs by sharing what might well be our own best seller.

There is strength in your story if you allow yourself to be vulnerable to tell it.

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