Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's the point?

Today we are talking about goals.
We are talking about life.
We are talking about objectives.
We are talking about tasks, roles, and to-do lists...

and I hope we are talking about things created FOR you BY you.

Look at your inbox right now
Now look at your to-do list for today
and finally- your deadlines if not covered above.

How many items from the above list were generated by you as they relate to achieving things that are important to you? How many are handed down to you and you just said 'yes'? How many got handed to you from peers or co-workers and you didn't take the time to think, say no, or defend yourself if someone else is taking advantage of you?

Don't get me wrong - I work my tail off for other people and the success of the organization IS my success. However - my job is not my life, and I have a choice as to what sort of employment environment I place myself in.

If all of your goals and all of your tasks are dictated to you instead of at least some being generated by you... eventually, in a frustrated and defeated moment...

you are going to ask yourself the same question this blog title did today... and you won't have any answers that satisfy why you have to get up and do it again tomorrow.

Wake up tomorrow as though you meant to and do something you can feel really good about, even if it's the starting line (coming up with your goals in the first place).

Aren't you worth at least that?

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