Thursday, December 17, 2009

And a Santa Shuffle to Finish....

Innovative Fitness was out at the Santa Shuffle this past month with their customers taking part in the 5km event. A great event that tends to be more ‘fun’ then competitive – especially with our reindeer ears and Santa costumes. For 1 family in particular this was a special event as it was their last with IF. They’ll be heading back to England come the new year... but what better way to end of their time with us then out at a great event like the Santa Shuffle.

In Shuan’s words...a Santa Shuffle to finish.. 

I Had a great time at Stanley Park running the Santa Shuffle - my wife Emma (also a West Van IF member) and my two children Oliver and Ruby also enjoyed themselves at the Elf Walk. There was also a lot of sadness on the day as the event marked mine and Emma's last as IF members as sadly my company wants me to return to London :-(

This will bring to an end 8 months of association which is not a great deal (Emma has been there for 3 years!) but is a long time considering what I think I have achieved.  The headline grabber is the weight I have lost (22 pounds and counting!) which comes hand in glove with the body toning and extra energy I now feel every day.  Another by-product is the reduction of discomfort I feel in my back - a long standing problem which will never go away but less weight and greater core strength makes things a magnitude more bearable.

As good as these achievements are, the most notable for me is the transformation of a sceptic into a believer - i.e. someone that never thought a personal trainer could extract from me more that what I could extract from myself during solo gym time.  Well I was wrong - get a trainer to push you and you will see the results both physically and mentally. I stand corrected to myself!

A large part of the credit has to go to my trainers Natalie Anderson and Richard Alm who always knew the right balance to apply (when to push harder when to not etc).   This also came with an unwavering positive attitude, great patience (including with my jokes!) and a tireless supply of help and advice as and when I needed it.  Thanks guys, you made a real difference.

So off to London now and a very long list of things to organize as soon as Emma and I touch down.  Sure we have to get a roof over our head, the kids into school etc, but right up there on the list is the enrolment with a personal trainer and a club just like IF.  Once a sceptic, never a sceptic again!

Thanks a million Team IF!

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