Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Virus

And so it's nearly Christmas... a time of year when we're sure to read things like "try and spread this feeling throughout the whole year, not just Christmas" (which is true, we should; yet true we don't). The key is to understand at this time of year we (most of us) inevitably come to feel a certain way that opens our hearts/ wallets/ time to and for those around us; often not limited to our immediate families.

The issue becomes - when the parties, the shopping, the Christmas lights, the carols, and the other euphoric events and stimuli begin to disappear; the sentiment goes the way of "outta sight, outta mind".

If we truly wished to make the world a better place and spread the Christmas spirit, we need to know tangible ways of doing so...

1. Set a goal for how many random acts of kindness or how many people you'd like to help
2. Set a month by month charitable plan for the entire year, share it with those you know (could be money, time, gifts, resources, anything)
3. As a family choose 1 gift you each receive that you will be donating to charity
4. Involve the Earth in the above movements (reduce, reuse, recycle, and choose sustainable and environmentally conscious products, restaurants, and other businesses to shop at)
5. Share what you are doing. One person can make a difference, but only if they never allow their good decisions and actions to remain as '1 person's idea'.

Hence the title of today's blog post; if you really believe in doing something to make Christmas year round - you must spread the tangible methods of creating good will to other's like a positive virus; an infectious Christmas virus that snowballs into change that is not seasonal; it becomes regional and perhaps even global.

Do we really want to unknowingly and unconsciously re-enter the rat race in 2010?
I don't think so - get spreading the news.

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