Monday, December 28, 2009

Develop a Winning Personality

For many of us, the beginning of a new year brings along new goals to be accomplished. Part of creating a good plan to achieve these new goals includes re-inventing ourselves to think and act differently than we did the previous years. Developing the traits of a winner starts with us as individuals and how we view ourselves. The mindset we possess will determine our actions, whether we win or loose and ultimately if we are to accomplish our goals. Below are some winning qualities that we can re-invent ourselves with and to develop our own winning personalities.

It takes just as much mental energy and effort to focus on the things you don't like as it does to focus on making the things you don't like better. Winners think positive and make the best of even the worst situations by thinking of solutions. Having a poor attitude will automatically set us up for defeat because our first reactions are that we do not have control. The reality is we have control over every situation and it all begins with thinking like you do.

Studies have shown that the top 3 percent of people in every field looked upon themselves as owners. They treated the company and team as if it belonged to them personally. They saw themselves as being in charge of every aspect of their lives. They took everything that happened to their company personally, exactly as if they owned 100 percent of the stock. Take ownership over your job and the team you play with. If something is not right make it better and do not wait for someone else to fix the problem.

The difference between winners and losers is quite clear. Winners always accept responsibility for their actions. Losers never do but instead always have some kind of explanation for why they are doing poorly. Taking responsibility over our actions can be very hard for us as we always try to defend our what we do especially when we screw up. Fact is that we are human and we make mistakes. If we make a mistake, we must own it, learn from it and try not to come up with excuses as to why it happened.

Time Management:
Many people out there waste a lot of time by looking for the easy road in life. These people come in a little later, work a little slower, leave a little earlier and have the attitude that anything extra is someone else's job. They spend most of their working time in idle chitchat with coworkers, taking care of personal business, reading the paper, drinking coffee, and surfing the internet. Winners arrive a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later making the most of their time.
Adopting the above principles will lead us to excellence no matter what it is we do. Why do anything in life if it is to be done less than excellent anyway? In 2010 think and act like a winner - choose to be a winner in everything you do!

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