Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New You? New Approach!

Does this resemble the long list of things you'd like to do differently in 2010?

If so, perhaps we can pin-point the FIRST thing you can do differently... end the year before more intelligently (read: more realistically)

The truth is, this time of year is a reflection by default phase. Everyone and their dog is asking what they can do differently and better this week for next year; while the most successful people out there are asking this question all of the time.

This new year's, instead of having a resolution, with no preparatory steps, action plan, or accountability program... simply accept that stating a goal without understanding goal setting and then the pursuit and mastering those goals is like deciding to go on vacation tomorrow with no money, plane ticket, destination, or ride to the airport. It simply isn't going to happen.

Another fault of new years resolutions is that people rarely think small. They want to lose the weight that's been plaguing them for 10 years, or pay off their mortgage. If planning and goal setting is not part of your skill or experience set; then we're setting ourselves up for failure.

So, want to reinvent yourself this year? No problem... but start by reinventing your processes and what you try to achieve. By starting small here, you gain momentum to tackle bigger things. I'm quite certain very few marathon runners are finishing 26.2 miles as their first run ever- they probably started with a 5 or 10km run, and then had the confidence to take bigger risks and the experience on what to do differently with their training.

Goals in other areas of our lives are no different... start an exercise routine before declaring you're going to lose those 20 pounds, learn to balance your budget before saying the mortgage is getting paid off, and learn how to manage your time and personal balance over a weekend getaway before saying this year you're going to the moon.

Start small and finish tall rather than over-promise and under-deliver to yourself (worst of all).

Happy new year, happy new approaches, happy new YOU!

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