Monday, December 14, 2009


With the end of year upon us, many of us think of all the things we want to accomplish in the year to come and how we will do it. For example, athletes will plan how they will be faster and stronger than the previous year while businesses create new plans on how they will grow and remain profitable. For the upcoming year to be successful; now is the time each of us should develop a vision of where we wish to go and the strategies on how to get there. Consider the 4 points below when creating strategic plans.

Without it we lack having clear and defined goals and without goals we cannot even begin to consider our strategy. Vision comes with knowing what we are passionate about and what our personal values are. The sooner one can develop a firm direction of where we want to go the sooner effective planning and strategizing can take place to get us there.

2)More or Less:
Each year consists of setting and meeting a series of short and long-term objectives. The immediate aim is a short-term objective that leads to the long-term goal. It is not a simple matter as long-term strategies are complex and constantly evolve. Often the issue is not in the realm of Yes or No but more in that of should there be More or Less of one tactic versus another. Before removing a strategy from your plan, consider if it is one that has to be done less while another one more or vice versa.

Seeing our vision through depends on whether we can execute our strategy or not. While formulating a strategy is an intellectual process, following through on it is a test of willpower. A great plan is only as great as the willpower we exercise to not deviate from it and to carry out the necessary tasks to meet our short-term objectives. Often times we will have to make the hard decision between what we want to do and what we have to do.

Understand that each day is unpredictable. As much as we wish there to be certainty in our days there is very little we can be sure of. Weather, resources, people and our tools can all change forcing us to develop a new approach. The one thing we have control over is how we adapt ourselves to the ever-changing situations of our day. Being adaptable means being able to develop new ways of doing things. Change is hard but often the determining factor if we are to be successful or not.

Developing strategy is an important step to attaining our goals. We all have different tactics, some more effective than others and the ones we choose will determine if we are to be successful or not. Remember vision, more or less, willpower and adaptability when planning. Best wishes in the up coming year for happiness and prosperity!

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