Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Balance and Opportunity go hand in hand over time.

Balance, from a metaphysical standpoint, is defined as "a desirable point between two or more opposite forces". In our lives this is often work, play, family, friends, church, finances, and many other 'forces' that pull us towards certain actions. To sit still is not balance, that is inaction and leads to no opportunity.

To act in one direction may have an opportunity cost or an undesirable effect on other 'forces' (let's call them roles or responsibilities, sounds more applicable).

So how do we get to the point where we have enough money AND enough time?
How do we do so without alienating our friends and families along the way?

Well the answer, my friends, is pretty on paper and at times downright ugly in practice. To re-state our title this morning, balance and opportunity go hand in hand over time.

This means - to those people who fight feedback that they should get busy working and sacrificing now - if you resist sacrificing now; it will mean you almost certainly will be sacrificing opportunity later in life that you almost assuredly can't predict. Happy, manageable existence now? Perhaps. But is that setting you up for short AND long term success and balance? If not, some short term sacrifices may be necessary to avoid long term sacrifices you would rather not live with.

On the flip side, we can't live solely for the future. If we do so, our relationships, health; in fact our very reason for being, may be compromised or even missed completely. There's no guarantee tomorrow will occur.

Work hard to get ahead, and put some money away for the future. But spend money and important time on experiences, as that is all we will truly remember (what and who with) at the end of our life. The achievements at work will mean less (even if they are remembered more in some cases) than our achievements with our families and friends.

While the answer for everyone may be different, the challenge is to find a medium wherein you are filled with purpose as you work towards something, yet taking time to have great experiences with great people, and are still communicating in advance to said people where and when (and why) some sacrifices will occur. If you can lead this balance well, and have the vision and fortitude to see your dreams become reality - than you my friends will be a success by your own definition in the truest sense of the word and will have earned all that you have.

And, you will have more than you could have planned on if you set your sights on the experiences not on acquiring things or wealth. Much must be sacrificed to get to a point where we have later what we want now.

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